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Your Fraberts Holiday Order

Wow!  We are truly overwhelmed by your support this Christmas!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your holiday celebrations this year.

Due to the incredible number of orders, we have extended our hours for December 23 and 24.

On December 23 we will be open from 8am to 6pm.  On December 24 we will be open from 7am to 4pm.

If you ordered for pickup on December 24, we kindly ask that you consider picking your order up on December 23 if you are able to.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we can only have 25 customers in the store at a time.  In an attempt to reduce lineups and wait times, we are suggesting an alphabetic approach to pickup by last name.

Dec 23

8am-10am: A-F

10am – noon: G-L

Noon – 2pm: M-R

2pm-4pm: S-Z

Dec 24

7am-9am: A-F

9am-11am: G-L

11am-1pm: M-R

1pm-3pm: S-Z

No need to call in or email to confirm time.  If you can follow these guidelines that is great but we understand if you can’t.  As long as most do the days will go much smoother.

Please pack a book, your phone, your patience, and your holiday spirit!  We will make this happen as best we can!



Your Fraberts Team

Jackie, Derek, Steven, Shelly, Rachel, Dustin, Kelly, Taralynn, Ashley, Amanda, Willow, Carolyn, and Hannah