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Half of a fully roasted 15-18lb turkey. Pick up cold with re-heating instructions...
Roasted Turkey for 12 adults.  Fully roasted turkey, taken apart and ready to re-heat in a foil pan with turkey stock (NOT pre-sliced to avoid drying out) – 15-18 lb – serves 12 generously. ..
Our delicious Ontario lamb chops come in a pack of 4. They are $16.99/lb and a pack of four weighs approximately 1.5lbs so price is approximate..
Ontario leg of lamb is $11.99/lb. Generally around 6lbs so price is approximate...
Ontario leg of lamb, bone out. Price is $13.99/lb and they tend to weigh about 5lb, so price is approximate...
Rack of Ontario lamb, frenched and ready to cook. Each rack is approximately 1.75 lbs (8 bones) at 24.99/lb so price is approximate...
Ontario lamb bone in shoulder roasts are $11.99/lb and tend to weigh about 6lbs, therefore the price is approximate...
Ontario lamb boneless shoulder roast cost is $11.99/lb and weigh about 5lb so price is approximate...
Maple Roasted Root Veggies
Fraberts maple roasted root veggies for your holiday dinner. Size options include:Individual/Couple - serves 1-2 peopleSmall - serves 4-6 peopleLarge - serves 10-12 people ..
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Fraberts garlic mashed potatoes for your holiday dinner. Size options include:Small - serves 4-6 people Large - serves 10-12 people ..
Fraberts plain mashed potatoes (no garlic) for your holiday dinner. Size options include: Small - serves 4-6 people Large - serves 10-12 people ..
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