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Scalloped Potatoes
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Maple Roasted Root Veggies
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Fraberts maple roasted root veggies for your holiday dinner. Size options include:Individual/Couple - serves 1-2 peopleSmall - serves 4-6 peopleLarge - serves 10-12 people ..
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Fraberts stuffing for your holiday dinner.  Size options include:Small - serves 4-6 peopleLarge - serves - 10-12 peopleIngredients:  bread, veggie stock, dried cranberries, poultry seasoning, tamari..
Gluten Free Stuffing
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Fraberts gluten free stuffing for your holiday dinner. Size options include: Small - serves 4-6 people Large - serves - 10-12 people ..
Cranberry Sauce
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Drunken cranberry sauce is made with red wine...yum! Available in 500mL or 250mL options...
Fraberts fresh baked pies for your holiday dinner. Price/ea. Choice of pies include: apple, blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, raspberry, peach, pumpkin, Jack Daniel's pecan.  ..
Freshly made Quiche. Available in Lorraine, Spinach & Goat Cheese or Sundried Tomato & Feta. ..
Delicious air chilled chicken fresh from Abate Packers in Arthur.  Approx. 6-7 lbs. $4.29/lb..
Tenderloin roast (uncooked) for your holiday dinner. Approx. 5-6 lbs. $30.99/lb. ..
Prime rib for your holiday dinner (uncooked).  $20.99/lb (bone out), $16.99/lb (bone in).Prime Rib available in 7-8 lbs or 10 lbs options.  ..
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